Saturday, 30 May 2015

Tiny Evil Men!

 Righto -  as part of my Chaos project, i've been looking at picking up a few Chaos Dwarves (The good ones, not big-hats, tyvm.), and thanks to a few great trades (And lucky bitz box finds) i've managed to put a few together so far.

Not limiting myself to any "Brands" in this so just getting hold of any mini i like.  

Anyway, first up - I managed to work a trade with the fabulous Carsten from for some of his Dvergar!  I was only expecting to get a few specific characters and a couple of spare warriors, but what showed up was a big baggie of bodies, heads, weapons and all sorts of goodies, so well chuffed with that.  After sorting through and working out what i want to use straight away, this is what i'm left with.

So fucking cute.

Anyway, i figured i'd do a quick closeup and comparison, so here -

Stands up quite well!  Love how well these guys match the oldschool dwarfies. 

Honestly, for the older, quirky chaos dwarf aesthetic, these are perfect.  Love them. Could easily be part of the original range, save for some better detail and modern casting.

Anyway, that's not all, i recently put in one of my rare actual-money-orders for minis! I've been putting off a Hasslefree order for a long time, so the Chaos project seemed a good place for that - £50 and a couple of days later, and this showed up.

Fantastic.  Always loved their stuff, and anything Kev touches is brilliant to me.

Incidentally, my girlfriend pointed out how they come in little drug bag form.  So that was nice. 
"Can i,er, get a gram of white metal..."

Anyway, yeah - pretty much stocked up on everything i wanted for my chaos, including a bunch of dwarves, some humans and a very NSFW succubus i've had me eye on for a while! (Shame the Male incubi aren't as nice a sculpt to me, i prefer equality in my perversion...)

Figured i'd do another comparison pic, this time with the one Forge World infernal guard i traded for, an original GW, a Dvergar and a nice, shiny Hasslefree offering!

Noice.  Sizes up well - some discrepancy (Holy shit, forge world.) but not too much that it can't be explained away as "That one lifts."

So yeah, got a pretty serious pile of new stuff to add to the already slightly-seriouser pile of chaos, so i should really get building.   Maybe i'll even paint something...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Right! Onto brave new territory.  Like i said, current projects are a fantasy chaos warband, and a 40k Imperial/Inquisitorial one.  Purely an excuse to do whatever i want and paint all those minis i've always liked.

Very, very WIP and in a staggered level of 'done' on everything, but getting into the swing of things now.

Fantasy chaos - All different eras, companies e.t.c, a handful of conversions and some joke minis. No rhyme or reason thank you very much!
First 2 finished - not completely happy but they're better in the flesh than photos.

40k Retinue!  Again, random shit from random places.

I've got bitz boxes full of additional figs, a bunch of stuff on my wants list and a ton of stuff in the midst of trades, alongside some stuff to throw money at (£50 of hasslefree goodies on the way right now...)  So i should be getting some pretty serious numbers in on these guys! Let's see if i actually finish any of it....
 Right, last retroactive post.  Got a lot more stuff, but very little completely finished or that i'm happy with. So 5 alright minis.  Yes, i've been collecting for a decade and a half, why do you ask...

Anyway, last up, a pair of Frother's charity minis i picked up, and busted out over a weekend - Tank Girl, Booga & Camp Koala!

I'm a massive, Massive TG fan, so i needed these, and i adore the sculpts. Absolutely perfect, shame my brushwork aint that good!

Not much to say, just slapped some paint on some figs.

Anyway, that's that - Suppose it's onto new projects now!  Got a ton of WIP's, and a hell of a lot of things that're basically finished minus one or two stages, so i should be able to keep up a reasonable sort of update log - but anyone who's seen my dakka threads knows i'm not great at that.  Believe i once had a week break from a project that lasted 2 and a half years.

Final Competition entry!

The theme for this competition if i remember correctly, was Broken Legions, the wounded, dying, dead et cetera, Tragedy in mini form.

Way back when, there was a piece of art in an Index Astartes article that stuck with me, and lead to my love for both the Heresy (or, more specifically, Great Crusade) era, and the Iron Warriors legion.

The tragedy incumbent in that is fantastic, to me. It reflects how and why they turned at a far, far deeper level than "Tentacles are cool."

Thrown against fortifications, taking heavy losses in brutal battles of attrition, only to break the walls and have some pompous twits in bright yellow armour fly their flag and take all the credit.   A legion wittled down, discarded and abused, used as cannon fodder.  Always gave me a different viewpoint on Chaos, and it's really nice to see the modern Heresy fiction going in this direction, and stressing that the "Traitor" legions aren't simply Evil, they're manipulated and desperate.

Anyway, the second i read the theme, this came to mind, and i had to have a crack at it.

Not perfect, but close enough - unfortunately, time constraints on the competitions stopped me sculpting anything fancy or adding more studs, and base constraints stopped me adding more corpses & marines (Or a distant castle full of assholes.) but i'm happy with it.

Onwards!  Second retroactive post.

Right, next up, the second Competition entry from The First Expedition forums.

The theme for this comp was "Beginnings and Endings" or something along those lines, So i went with a little diorama.

Each side of the wall is the same marine, seperated by a span of time.  One, a Legionary of the XII prior to the naming of the legions, in the Issue Grey armour, preparing to leave Terra and go be a very proactive xenophobe.  The other the same marine, upon returning to Terra for the siege, with his Legion colours and a delightful spattering of loyalist gore.

Beginnings and Endings.

 Right, first of my retroactive posts of shit i did ages ago.

There were a number of Competitions on the First Expedition pre-heresy forums, with assorted themes - i had the gall to win a few of them (I got a prize and everything, go me.), so i figured i'd show some of those entries.

Numero Uno, an Imperial Army trooper Immediately prior to the last battle of the unification of Terra.

I've always been a fan of the Unification Wars fluff, particularly the Thunder Warriors being put down, once their purpose was done.  So, y'know, i did that.  Kitbashed Imperial Army trooper out of various bitz, long prior to FW's own iteration.

Elysian head, modded cadian torso & arm, Vic Minis lasrifle arm, Secret Weapon greatcoat legs. Not a cheap bitz list, no wonder i didn't do a squad...

Thunder warrior is using Anvil Industries bits, some of which are now OOP!

So, this is a thing.

I already don't like it, the layouts on this are atrocious and i couldn't use any art i like.

Anyway, moving on with my life - this is really mostly a thing just so i can follow other blogs of assorted wonder,  But i suppose as i do occasionally manage to make something nice, i may as well update it from time to time.

Brief intro,  Me am Kyle,  Handle across the Datanet tends to be Shaman.   I build props, costumes, and tiny men. 

Other hobbies include alternative music, clubs with sticky floors, spending far too much on transformers, video games, not-video games, comic books, masturbation, the appreciation of fine vodka, body mods, terrible movies, and 2d art, though that's a bad habit i'm trying to get out of.

I've been posting what little miniature-based stuff i manage to do on the interweb for a while now, in various locations - The Great Crusade, and later First Expedition, as Adenn (Not been there in a while, lost interest in Heresy-era stuff for now.), Tactical Command as Shaman, and a number of Dakka blogs for various shit i've done. (,,

I have an absolute sod of a time actually finishing any projects - or even minis. I have about 10 projects on the go, and half of them have been sitting unworked on for a year or two.

Occasionally i manage to paint something, i don't consider myself atrocious at it but i'd be a lot better if i got around to doing it more.

Currently working mostly on Fantasy Chaos and 40k Inquisitor warbands, mostly to have an excuse to build, acquire and (Potentially) paint some of my favourite minis.

Let's see how well that lasts, eh.

Shit what i did recently.  Probably some of my only FINISHED(ish) work i'm happy with. Will be putting up a couple of posts with other stuff soon. -